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Investing in Your Skin’s Health With Personalized Facials Near Cedar Falls

A woman receives one of SPRY's relaxing medical-grade facials near Cedar Falls

Millions of people get facials every year, and it’s no wonder why! Escaping your routine and having an hour to yourself while someone cleanses and massages your face is undeniably valuable. 

That being said, traditional facials don’t do much for your skin. Everyone’s skin is unique, and so are your struggles, goals, and budget, so a standardized approach isn’t effective. That’s why each patient who comes to Spry Skin & Wellness has a different experience. Here’s what you need to know about maximizing your investment in facials near Cedar Falls.

Traditional vs Personalized Facials

Near Cedar Falls, there are a lot of facial bars. Unfortunately, traditional “one-size-fits-all” facials tend to use products with irritating ingredients, such as perfume and alcohol. These facials don’t consist of medical-grade products, which means they weren’t designed by skin professionals and don’t contain the right ingredients—or at least the right quality and amount—to combat your concerns. 

If you’re looking to go beyond relaxation and see real results from your skin treatment in Cedar Falls, a personalized, medical facial is the answer to your prayers! You’ll get all the stress-relieving benefits you love from a traditional facial, in addition to seeing visible improvements in your skin’s look and feel. 

Our facials are performed by licensed professionals, which means that we understand the science behind effectively targeting your concerns and have the knowledge and skills to use technologies that traditional spas can’t offer. Spry’s providers are just as invested in your confidence and skin health as you are!

A Look at Our Professional Facials

We’ll take the time to assess your skin’s current state and openly discuss your unique struggles to help you decide between medical facials near you. Your options include:

Remember, all of these solutions are completely customized. Plus, you can incorporate dermaplaning into any facial!

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Taking Skin Care to the Next Level

At Spry, we’re not just optimizing your skin’s look and feel, we’re also elevating your experience. You deserve personalized, professional care, and in our clinic, you should expect it. 

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