Emsculpt NEO Near Cedar Falls

Misconceptions & Interesting Facts About Emsculpt NEO

Close up of a woman undergoing an Emsculpt NEO treatment near Cedar Falls

A sculpture can take years to perfect. How it looks and how long it takes is all up to the artist. But perfecting your ideal body doesn’t have to take nearly as long! With a combination of healthy eating habits, regular exercise and a little help from Emcsulpt NEO we can help you achieve realistic results with no downtime.

Actually, not only is this area known for its beautiful sculptures, but it’s also known for its body sculpting services. At SPRY we preach that meeting any of our procedures half way will get you to your best and most realistic results. Whether that is adding in a retinol to enhance your Microneedling treatment or adding in a healthy lifestyle to your Emsculpt NEO treatments.

SPRY is here to help and guide you every step of the way. Keep reading to see a mixture of interesting and maybe even shocking facts while also busting some misconceptions about Emsculpt NEO near Cedar Falls.

Misconception: It is a painful treatment

No, this is actually very incorrect! The nice thing about Emsculpt NEO near Cedar Falls is that the intensity can be adjusted to each person. Your expert provider will make sure you are comfortable and relaxed, creating the best circumstances for your body sculpting session.

We understand if you’re worried about treatment sessions being painful. However, many patients have said that the device feels more like an intense workout, rather than a painful experience. If you feel too uncomfortable during the treatment session, just let your provider know!

Fact: No prep or conditioning is needed

Some treatments require you to be a certain weight or body type to qualify. But the spectacular thing about Emsculpt NEO (and SPRY) is that we don’t expect everyone to look alike!

We know every single person is different and unique, so why would we hold everyone to the same standards? We are proud and excited to offer Emsculpt NEO near Cedar Falls to most everyone who wants it. Sculpting your body is not a desire of those who already have sculpted bodies—meaning, why would we expect you to do prep work before doing this treatment? So, rest assured, no prep or conditioning is needed before you come in for an Emsculpt session.

A woman is receiving an Emsculpt NEO treatment and laughing with her provider


Misconception: It is a weight loss tool

Emsculpt NEO was not created to be a weight loss tool. In fact, while it does reduce fat cells, this does not mean it lessens body weight. Instead, you increase muscle mass in the treatment area.

So, if your goal is to lose weight, then consider pursuing a different treatment before trying Emsculpt NEO near Cedar Falls. Some find that after significant weight loss, they love their body shape. Others see where they can improve even more, sculpting those remaining areas to truly refine their figure.

The decision to get weight loss or even body sculpting treatments is always up to you. And it never hurts to come in for a skin assessment! That way, you have all the information you need to make your decision.

Fact: You don’t need much time for it

This is true! You actually only need about 30 minutes for the procedure. Of course, if you do the your personalized skin assessment with our very own NP Bethany, and procedure on the same day, you will want to budget more time. But thanks to the quick and simple treatments, you can drop in over your lunch break from work, making it easy to fit into your schedule.

For best results, you’ll want to complete a full series of treatments, but that differs from person to person. Once you’ve finished a full series you and your provider will talk maintenance, neo is never one and done just like anything. One thing to mention about

Emsculpt NEO is that you won’t see your best results until three months after your last procedure. Which you will learn in your assessment with Bethany.

Misconception: You will experience side effects

Will you feel it afterwards, and not in a good way? No! Most of our patients say they would never have known that they just left a body sculpting treatment session.

Nothing more than what you would feel after a workout though. And anything else and you should see your provider! Experts have worked for years to perfect this tool, so rest assured that once something like this hits the market, the chances of it doing more harm than good are reduced to less than 10%.

An expert medical provider smiles at her patient an aesthetic treatment


Fact: You can see a difference in 1 month

This is true! Of courses, each person is different, and no one can be held to a strict results schedule. Don’t get discouraged if your results take longer to reveal themselves. We hope you see initial results after one month of your first treatment session. But remember, you will likely receive at least 4 or 5 sessions of Emsculpt NEO. So, while some may see results within a month of their first treatment, you will continue to see results even post treatment.

Don’t give up right away! Give your body time to adjust and figure out what to do with this new treatment it is absorbing.

Misconception: Results are immediate

Unlike treatments such as injections, where we have to wait and see when and how the body reacts to it, this treatment involves a device attachment placed directly onto the skin. With this approach, we get to see the surface of the skin react quicker.

If after just a few hours or days you do not see any changes in your shape and tone, no need to worry. This is actually normal! Most commonly, patients see initial results in the months following their first treatment.

Results of 20,000 Squats or Crunches Without the Workout?

Believe it or not, a session of Emculpt NEO near Cedar Falls can bring you amazing results, especially when it is followed by maintenance! Have you ever been able to accomplish 20,000 squats or crunches in just 30 minutes? If you answered yes, you should really come by the office and share some of your secrets with us here at SPRY, because that is incredible. But if you answered no, then thank goodness, you are making us feel better about ourselves.

A woman is lying down getting a body contouring treatment called Emsculpt NEO and her provider is standing nearby


We have cracked the code, though! Trust us, exercise and working out is our holy grail. We would never replace physical activity or healthy eating habits with a machine, no matter how great the results are. However, Emsculpt NEO near Cedar Falls is the perfect addition to your workout routine.

So, instead of having to do 20,000 squats or crunches to see the sculpted figure you want, you can come into SPRY for a quick session of Emsculpt NEO, learn more about how your maintenance treatments work, and start seeing the body you have wanted for years in your reflection.

Why Choose SPRY?

In 2018, Bethany Heidemann started SPRY with the purpose of helping individuals enhance their confidence and achieve their best selves. Over the past 5 years, SPRY has aided thousands of patients in this endeavor.

At SPRY, we recognize that skincare is unique to each person. That’s why we start with an assessment, so our medical provider can learn about your specific desires and skincare needs. This initial assessment helps establish what matters most to you and allows us to develop a customized care plan tailored just for your needs.

Emsculpt NEO wasn’t always a first choice for our owners, but when they saw and reflected on the results, they knew it could help their clients. This device is not just to sculpt your body cosmetically, it is also great for internal concerns—but you can read more about this in another blog!

SPRY aims to create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere where you feel at ease and motivated to become your best self. We offer the necessary tools and professional guidance to help you manage and enhance your appearance. SPRY believes that looking good boosts your confidence and inspires you to achieve great things in life.

Close up of a woman undergoing an Emsculpt NEO treatment


When you do Emsculpt NEO Near Cedar Falls, you get to sculpt the figure you want to see in the mirror!

So, the next time you pass a mirror and see your reflection, you can look at it and say, “Yeah, I did that!”

Our providers are more than happy to sit down and talk about Emsculpt Neo near Cedar Falls and why we love it! Trust us, we would never recommend anything to you that is a waste of your time or money.

Make it happen and set up a skin assessment with our experts to see your best course of action when it comes to your needs. Or use our online booking tool if you are already a client.