Emsella Chair Near Cedar Falls

Our Emsella Story: From the Founder

“Four years ago, I didn’t even want the Emsella chair or Emsculpt NEO. I was actually so against it, and no one would have pictured me buying it!”

– Bethany Heidemann, Founder & Owner

SPRY’s owner and founder didn’t hop on the body sculpting and contouring train right away. Bethany began her med spa journey on the wellness side, focusing on inner health as opposed to external fixes or cosmetic solutions.

Let’s Hear from Bethany!

We slowly started to open ourselves up to those bigger devices. So, I purchased Morpheus8 and Optimus all for facial rejuvenation. Those helped us to focus not only on wellness as a whole, but also facial rejuvenation and facial aesthetics. 

Then BTL reached out to me asking if I wanted to buy body contouring and electromagnetic devices like Emsculpt NEO and Emsella. I said no. I wanted to stick to my values. I thought that there was no way my patients would listen to me if I said, ‘All those things I’ve been telling you to do, like diet, exercise, and looking at wellness as a whole… Well, now I have a device that can do all the things on its own.’

I thought it was a bit of a stretch and maybe not so great of an idea for the brand I had built. But then I was convinced to go ahead and take a look at the devices. So, in September of 2021, I headed to Chicago thinking it was a waste of my time. Well, spoiler alert, I ended up coming back home having purchased 2 devices. 

I came to see that these devices weren’t just a ‘get skinny quick’ treatment or a ‘get a six-pack without working out’ thing. No, I saw through provider testimonials that these devices were able to do so much more than body sculpting or contouring. 

My Mindset Change

I saw the life-changing results that were able to come from the devices, and I wanted those results for my patients. I started to see my own patients in the testimonials I was hearing. I have postpartum moms who are able to regain their functionality, and patients who have tried to make gym exercise work but can’t. 

After realizing how needed these devices were, I was so excited to get started as a new BTL  provider! Now, 3 years later, we have seen just how much of a difference the Emsella and Emsculpt NEO treatments have made for many different kinds of issues.

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