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Spry offers a variety of skin care services designed to simplify your daily beauty and skin care routine. Microneedling, photodynamic treatments, dermaplaning, and injectables are just some of our favorite services. Whether you want to feel pampered and rejuvenated or have skin concerns, Spry is sure to have the service for you!

Spry is a medical aesthetic clinic that accommodates both men and women in Waterloo & Cedar Falls their skin concerns. We will provide the tools and expert advice to guide you in caring for these issues. We believe that if you look good, you feel good, and you will be inspired to do amazing things with your life.

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Spry believes in the fact that not all treatments are one size fits all and not every experience will be the same, and it’s the same with our website! We knew our old website wasn’t helping and affecting our customers in the way we wanted it to. All people learn and see things differently so we wanted a more inclusive, relatable, and easy experience for our clients.

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